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Abby Lee Brazil has a breathtaking natural body. She has the sort of skin tone and figure that looks made for bikinis. And yet, she prefers full nudity. She won’t get any complaints from me!

In the Crack has filmed and photographed Abby in Costa Rica as well as Los Angeles. The naturally busty brunette makes both locations look like paradise.

My favorite sets of hers are the ones taking place outdoors by the pool. Abby always looks amazing, but I feel like by the poolside is where she truly shines – and glistens.

Abby’s tits never fail to excite me, but when she skinny dips and emerges to show the water dripping from them, I can barely contain myself. While standing up, she has a sweet little ass, but it is when she bends over and those buns part to show her asshole that I realize how remarkable it really is. Also foot fans, seem to love Abby’s smooth soles and spread toes.

Get 76% off with an In the Crack discount and get familiar with Abby Lee Brazil and her body of perfection.

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There are some girls in porn that I just never forget. Years will go by and suddenly I will realize it has been too long since I have seen them, so I will seek out their scenes and fall in lust all over again. That is how I feel about beautiful brunette, Zafira. I have been a fan of hers since 2004 when she first came onto the adult scene.

I hadn’t seen any new stuff of hers in a while, so started to worry that the Euro temptress had retired. Fortunately that wasn’t the case. I found lots of her videos over on 1By Day. I decided to check for discounts on membership at babesdiscounts.com and ended up coming across this 1By Day deal for under $10!

As soon as I joined, I sought the Hungarian hottie out and started watching her scenes. She does mostly solo masturbation stuff, but also has some really intense lesbian work. I can’t get enough of her.

1By Day has a lot of my favorite models in their collection, but it’s going to be difficult to look at anyone else while there is still so much Zafira to enjoy.

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Posted By Rhino on 06/05/11 - Bookmark Babe Sites


She is the girl next door. Her name is Sandra and when you hear her cute, shy voice it will melt your heart! You can tell Sandra has never done anything like this before. That is the idea at FTV Girls. To find girls that have never done this sort of thing before!

Watch Sandra masturbating with a squash video below!


When I say, never having done something like this before, I am not talking about girls fucking veggies. Girls have been doing that since the dawn of time. No, I am talking about doing it on camera!

Just about every girl I have ever dated has confessed to me that she fucked some form of vegetable or fruit at some point in her lifetime. Nothing wrong with that. But Sandra has a dad, an uncle or two, cousins… a grandma!

All of them and the people she works with will eventually know Sandra as the squash fucker. But hey, I’m not here to judge… and if I was? I’d call this one a keeper!


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Posted By Rhino on 05/26/11 - Bookmark Babe Sites


When most women find their man’s porn collection they go ballistic. They start spouting some kind of bullshit about how their man is technically cheating on them…

Hardcore Mandy is not most women…


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Georgia Jones is a sweet sexy little babe, her slutty sweet look makes me just want to blow a load.

Now a lot of guys get fixated on big titties and may over look a stunning beauty such as Georgia Jones, with her mosquito bite size breasts and all. But her pussy is real sweet and her ass is delicious, but the real prize is that sultry look and those eyes.

So if you want to see what you Georgia Jones is hiding, then you just have to go take a look.

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Evelyn Lory is one of the sweetest babes I have seen on the internet.  She is sweet and sexy from head to toe. 

Don’t tell my wife but Evelyn Lory is my future ex-wife, if I was being set up with a girl and they asked my type, well look no further she is here.  Her perfect little breasts, that tight looking pussy, those luscious legs, perfectly toned arm and mid drift.  Alright have to go bang the wife now, so this is going to get short.

So if you are into perfectly proportioned women with natural everything, then go visit Evelyn Lory today.

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Posted By Rhino on 12/22/10 - Bookmark Babe Sites

Watch 2 hot ass big tits hard ass lesbian bikini babes suck and fuck eachother hard in these hot fuck pics

Some girls want nothing more than to blow up. No, I don’t  mean blow up as in light a fire cracker up their ass, you sicko! I am talking about procreating and eating stupid shit that doesn’t taste right like pickles and rocky road ice cream. Not to mention, doing so while telling a guy down wind and 50 yards away to put his cigarette out because it is somehow making your pregnant, fat ass nauseous.

Here is a tip, bitch. It ain’t the fucker smoking that is making you gag, it is that little bundle of joy you seem to want to pop out every 16 months! Fat slug!

Now where was I? Oh yes, Molly’s Life. This blonde hottie has no desire to procreate so her site is pretty much populated with lesbian videos. Piping hot lesbian videos!

Molly and her friends were always the type of girls that couldn’t seem to keep their legs closed while wearing skirts. The kind that knew their bathing suit was partially see-thru when wet and it didn’t stop them from getting in and out of the water constantly. You know the type… The kind that crave attention!

So give them some fucking attention you asshole!

You are lucky Molly is a cool chick because I am about ready to kick the living shit out of you. Instead, MollysLife.com is going to give you unlimited access to the entire Muffia network!

You may have won this battle… But we will see who wins the whore… [cough]…. war!

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Ok, so when you were little and undressing your sisters Barbie is this the picture you imagined. Me either, I was shocked and amazed at what I saw.  Now I am a grown man and when I see a beautiful woman like Brea Bennett at Stunners naked I am still shocked and amazed.

What are those little pointy things, Barbie doesn’t have that, what is that line down there, is she OK? Did someone slit her there in the middle.  Well now I know, and all I want to do is split that slit in the middle.  Boy how times have changed, so know I get to visit Stunners and my own personal Barbie in Brea Bennett.

So get your membership to Stunners and enjoy all of your little perverted fantasies, nobody is watching go ahead.  Just imagine if the makers or Barbie were forward thinking enough to make Barbie anatomically correct with a dildo attachment.  Use it.

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Posted By Rhino on 08/16/10 - Bookmark Babe Sites


They say the proof is in the pudding… and you’d be crazy not to be putting your cock inside such a wonderful piece of ass like Sunny Leone!

This Indian porn star got her start back in 2003 when she was picked as the Penthouse Pet of the Year. Since then she has hit the ground running and has amassed quite a collection of porn videos. Now you can grab them all in one place by joining Sunny Leone on her official site!

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Tell me you wouldn’t want to lick that banana split off of Teen Paris Milan, I don’t see nothing wrong with a a little lick and poke.  What do you think, R Kelly the alleged little girl molester might want to change his lyrics.

None the less, ire-regardless, without further ado, in addition to, additionally speaking, which ever way you state it makes no difference.  Fact are facts, and Teen Paris Milan has a pussy that we all need to share.  I go first, if it’s a rape movie I also go last.

Teen Paris Milan is holding the banana and has her legs split for you, time to go pay her a visit.

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Aria Valentino is a sexy brunette with some beautiful massive breasts that I just want to suck on.   I think a pearl necklace would go beautifully with those glossy lips. 

I am not sure why but all of a sudden I have become a big boob pervert,  I find myself frequently visiting sites like Teen Paris Milan and Club Katrin, well Aria Valentino has just been added to favorites. They all have my new requirements in common, beautiful face, thin waist, nice ass and of course big tits.

So go and visit Aria Valentino today, and on your way stop by Club Domino another site I just came cross.

 09 Can you believe she just had a kid.  I’d put another one in there.

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Posted By Rhino on 07/02/10 - Bookmark Babe Sites


So you think you are ready for this jelly? Fuck an aye, Mia from Cam With Her really is all that and a bag of chips. Her melons are ripe, she has grip-tight hips and some pretty damn sexy feet!

At Cam With Her you get way more than just an erotic cam site, you get model profiles complete with several picture sets and videos so you can enjoy the girls even when they are offline. Do more with Cam With Her!

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Nuff said, this picture speaks volumes in itself.  That is the nicest little bubble butt around.  Cindy Cupcakes… I’d eat one…

Cindy Cupcakes is a fine little piece of ass, you have to judge for yourself.  After all, she could have the butters.  Her ass is nice, but her face is fucked up.  Or she could have the xactly’s, her face looks exactly like her ass.  Not so sure that is such a bad thing her.

So go check it out, she is the cutest little thing around, small titties and a fabulous ass.  Cindy Cupcakes is what you need in your lunch pale.

001 Told you she was cute!!!

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Posted By Rhino on 01/21/10 - Bookmark Babe Sites


I have been a fan of pleasantly plump babes my entire life. I enjoy a girl with a nice full rack of naturally busty tits and a backside that compliments that rack. Touch Mai delivers on both!

Mai has been on plenty of multi-model sites and now she finally has a place to call home. Touch Mai is full of exclusive videos and photo sets featuring this naturally busty beauty. She updates her site three times a week with new videos and a new photo set, plus on Thursdays she does a live web cam show!

Mai isn’t shy about her body and goes completely nude. She loves to masturbate her puffy pussy and she loves it even more to know you are watching her do it.

Members can also use the Touch Mai members only forum to keep in contact with Mai and her friends. Join now and enter yourself into her contests to win free prizes. Who knows, you might even win a pair of her panties!

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I have been a fan of Yurizan Beltran since I first saw her in big tits magazines. I had no idea she had a site on the Internet until just recently. Sweet Yurizan is now my home away from home. My place to unwind and get rid of all of that bad karma life throws your way. Without Yurizan and her fantastic fun bags my life just wouldn’t be complete!

Ever since I was a kid I always preferred the girls with a little extra chunk on them. Yurizan Beltran is like a perfect specimen for fans with a fascination of chunky women. She has a booty that just won’t quit and those delicious big tits.

As a member of Sweet Yurizan you get more big tits then you will know what to do with. She isn’t the jealous type so you get her and several of her big tits friends.

Looks like Christmas 2009 is about to get a whole lot warmer!

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