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Posted By Rhino on 12/19/08 - Bookmark Babe Sites


If you are currently enrolled in college right now you don’t know just how mother fucking lucky you are! Personally I went to college twice. Both times I dropped out, but that is besides the point I am trying to make…

College is more than just a place of learning. It is a fucking adventure! It is uncharted territory that changes with each new year. The first time I went to college I took it for granted. The second time I went to college I made sure to take it all in. Every last bit of it.

Alyssa Doll above reminds me of the babe next door. Or should I say, the babe the next desk over. College is loaded with babes like Alyssa. Sure, they might grow up and become hideous after popping out several kids, but this isn’t about the future. This is about the now!

My second time around I spent my lunches watching the female water polo team practice. Talk about some hard bodies! When it was time to study for a class I did so in the gymnasium. Watching the volley ball girls run their drills. Talk about short fucking shorts!

So my advice to you if you are still enrolled is learn to take the sites in because unless you work in porn like me you aren’t going to get to see pussy like this right in front of you ever again. And, if you aren’t enrolled, why not? The local community college is only $26 dollars or less per unit. And you don’t ever have to graduate.

If going back isn’t an option or you think it is just too creepy you can always enjoy Alyssa Doll in the privacy of your own home. Alyssa updates weekly and she has been getting dirtier and dirtier with each new episode. You literally get to watch her go from a Senior in High School to a College Coed right before your eyes!

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Posted By Rhino on 12/04/08 - Bookmark Babe Sites


Pop quiz, Hot Shot!

The babe in the black high heels says you have to bang her friend in order to get a crack at her. What do you do?

Well, you mercy fuck the butter face from behind while she gets your temptress wet in the crotch and then you tell her you like to have people watch when you have sex with hot babes and send her to the easy chair in the corner.

Seriously though… If you are here surfing porn blogs, you would probably fuck either of them just the same if you had the chance. But, don’t worry… Cam With Her is loaded with babes like the one wearing all black.

Cam With Her is not just a live cams site, it is also a full fledged porn site like no other. The girls at Cam With Her have been in FHM, Maxim and other men’s magazines. These aren’t your typical “wives making extra cash on the side as cam girls” type of babes. These are 9’s and 10’s with a few butter faces thrown in for equality.

You can take the normal membership option like any other pay site and watch the archived cam shows and updated videos. Plus, the girls have picture sets too.

CamWithHer.com sends their girls to wet t-shirt contests, strip clubs, adult parties and the members get to watch it all online or download it to their hard drives!

As a member you can talk to the girls via the message system and talk to other members too. When and if you decide to treat yourself to a private web cam show you get 20% off!

Grab a Fleshlight and experience the sensation of virtually fucking the babe on screen!

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