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Posted By Rhino on 10/30/09 - Bookmark Babe Sites


Let me be honest with you. FTV Girls does not need your money. Conversely, you don’t need to watch the girls from FTV Girls masturbate in public. You don’t need to watch them do extreme things like fuck six inch diameter dildos, fist themselves, fuck a hose with running water or stuff their panties into their pussies

We all do what we do because we WANT to do it. They want your money and they want to satisfy your craving to test the limits of what the female anatomy can do. You want to view those tests and you want to watch hot girls masturbating to a real orgasm!

Notice in the movies above that the shop she is masturbating in front of is OPEN for business! These girls do some pretty crazy things and it is only right that we honor their service by watching their crazy videos!

The site features weekly updates, tons of interviews with public flashing, very high resolution photos and videos, you won’t find this kind of quality or originality anywhere else!

Take the FTVGirls.com tour and click on a girl. Watch her “Low Res Sample” and notice it is higher than most sites highest resolution! Click on another. And another. This shit just gets better and better the more you explore it!

Here is one of my favorites. Two blonde babes Sandy and Yana having sex in a very public park right out in the middle of the grass!

This is one of the hottest sites you will ever see. Want an insider tip? After joining, go to cancel. During the process it will ask if you want to keep rebilling for a much lower rate. Say yes and enjoy FTV Girls for far less than anyone else!

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Posted By Rhino on 10/13/09 - Bookmark Babe Sites


Growing up I was always a horny little shit. Every single time I went swimming I spent half of my time trying to get an extra look at the girls I was swimming with and the other half trying to look like I was doing what I was supposed to be doing. This dual agenda thought process has served me well. I learned how to multitask my way into a very nice income.

Along the way I have run into troubles while performing my multitasking – If you can call them that. Once while I was multitasking I got caught by the mother of one of my buddies. I lingered too long and she knew I was trying to make out the curves and lines of her vaginal lips as they pressed on her tight bikini bottoms.

It was embarrassing to get caught. In my head I thought perhaps we’d have sex or something. I was a dreamer and she was not a pedophile. Funny how that works out isn’t it? When a thirty year old woman fucks a fifteen year old boy it is just having sex. Any dad throughout the history of this planet would give a big high five to his son if he banged a babe twice his age. Not the same for girls…

So she made me admit my problem. It felt good to get it off my chest. I mean, shit, I thought if I was honest she might actually give me a pitty fuck or something… Instead she told me to take one more good long look and then get her out of my mind. She said the last thing she needs is a bunch of crap to come from this.

It worked. You know the old saying, “Once you fuck a girl, the romance is over!” Once I got that look and got caught she wasn’t much fun to pursue anymore. I switched targets.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because Bikini Riot is where I go when I can’t make it to the pool. These guys take some very high resolution photos and videos of the girls. The kind of stuff dreams are made of for perverts like you and I.

Bikini Riot shoots all of its own content. Each of the models is hot and they all do several shoots. Some of them even shoot together!

The girls do more than just get naked. Once they have stripped out what little bikini they started with, they masturbate with fingers and toys. Sometimes they even use a stream of water. I have been blessed with having seen a girl masturbate in front of me using the shower massager and the bath spigot. Fucking amazing!

The girls of Bikini Riot sport naturally big boobs, fake boobs and small tits too. Everything from the chunky babe with thick hips and tits to match to the petite hottie with an ass you can bounce a quarter off of is included. Plus, you get access to the other sites these guys run. Three hot sites with hundreds of hot babes. Stop reading and start clicking!

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