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Posted By on 02/17/11 - Bookmark Babe Sites


Georgia Jones is a sweet sexy little babe, her slutty sweet look makes me just want to blow a load.

Now a lot of guys get fixated on big titties and may over look a stunning beauty such as Georgia Jones, with her mosquito bite size breasts and all. But her pussy is real sweet and her ass is delicious, but the real prize is that sultry look and those eyes.

So if you want to see what you Georgia Jones is hiding, then you just have to go take a look.

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Posted By Rhino on 12/22/10 - Bookmark Babe Sites

Watch 2 hot ass big tits hard ass lesbian bikini babes suck and fuck eachother hard in these hot fuck pics

Some girls want nothing more than to blow up. No, I don’t  mean blow up as in light a fire cracker up their ass, you sicko! I am talking about procreating and eating stupid shit that doesn’t taste right like pickles and rocky road ice cream. Not to mention, doing so while telling a guy down wind and 50 yards away to put his cigarette out because it is somehow making your pregnant, fat ass nauseous.

Here is a tip, bitch. It ain’t the fucker smoking that is making you gag, it is that little bundle of joy you seem to want to pop out every 16 months! Fat slug!

Now where was I? Oh yes, Molly’s Life. This blonde hottie has no desire to procreate so her site is pretty much populated with lesbian videos. Piping hot lesbian videos!

Molly and her friends were always the type of girls that couldn’t seem to keep their legs closed while wearing skirts. The kind that knew their bathing suit was partially see-thru when wet and it didn’t stop them from getting in and out of the water constantly. You know the type… The kind that crave attention!

So give them some fucking attention you asshole!

You are lucky Molly is a cool chick because I am about ready to kick the living shit out of you. Instead, MollysLife.com is going to give you unlimited access to the entire Muffia network!

You may have won this battle… But we will see who wins the whore… [cough]…. war!

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Posted By Rhino on 11/23/10 - Bookmark Babe Sites


Have you ever seen a better specimen of a woman? I am sure there are a ton of feminists out there that will beg to differ, but, Jesus H. Christ did God Almighty ever get it right when he created this beauty!

Ashlynn Brooke is more than just a babe with big tits, she is also a porn star. So you get to see more than just a naked women with heavenly knockers, you get to see a talented, seductive actress plying her unique abilities to make men cum by the bucket load!

Take the Ashlynn Brooke tour and I am sure you will fall in love with this hottie. Notice while you are there that you also get access to her friends and porn sites like Heavy Handfuls and Fresh Out of High School!

Treat yourself to something nice this X-Mas by joining Ashlynn Brooke right now!

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Posted By Rhino on 10/05/10 - Bookmark Babe Sites

Photo of Gina Lynn in Monster Curves video All That Ass

When you think of babes you think of airbrushed Playboy style girls devoid of fat. Let me clue you in on an, apparently, little known fact. Those babes aren’t interested in you and you have no chance with them. On the other hand, babes like Gina Lynn share your pain and would love to share your cock with a friend!

At Monster Curves you get unlimited access to one of the world’s largest archives of crystal clear porn. The babes come in many shapes and sizes, but you can already guess which ones are my personal favorites.

So why, in the world of make believe, am I chastising you for your fantasies of fucking Playmates? Well, mainly because there are tons (literally) of Gina Lynn quality babes out there willing to blow your hard cock for the price of a few drinks and the special at an after hours burrito joint!

How do you find them? By doing some recon at Monster Curves to see where these hot body babes hang out and which pick lines work best. In addition to MonsterCurves.com you also get access to the Reality Kings entire network of 28 sites!

Say goodbye to boring softcore babe sites and hello to sites giving you a leg up on the competition!

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Posted By on 08/05/10 - Bookmark Babe Sites


Tell me you wouldn’t want to lick that banana split off of Teen Paris Milan, I don’t see nothing wrong with a a little lick and poke.  What do you think, R Kelly the alleged little girl molester might want to change his lyrics.

None the less, ire-regardless, without further ado, in addition to, additionally speaking, which ever way you state it makes no difference.  Fact are facts, and Teen Paris Milan has a pussy that we all need to share.  I go first, if it’s a rape movie I also go last.

Teen Paris Milan is holding the banana and has her legs split for you, time to go pay her a visit.

Posted By on 07/27/10 - Bookmark Babe Sites


Aria Valentino is a sexy brunette with some beautiful massive breasts that I just want to suck on.   I think a pearl necklace would go beautifully with those glossy lips. 

I am not sure why but all of a sudden I have become a big boob pervert,  I find myself frequently visiting sites like Teen Paris Milan and Club Katrin, well Aria Valentino has just been added to favorites. They all have my new requirements in common, beautiful face, thin waist, nice ass and of course big tits.

So go and visit Aria Valentino today, and on your way stop by Club Domino another site I just came cross.

 09 Can you believe she just had a kid.  I’d put another one in there.

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Posted By on 07/18/10 - Bookmark Babe Sites


I have never been a huge fan of butterflies until recently, I am not sure what could have spurned it on.  I am sure it is purely coincidental that Katrin decided to have butterflies on her gallery at Club Katrin.

We may never know, but I know am in love with butterflies.  That is a sexy butterfly, I never new that butterflies had nipples.  That is just another reason to love Club Katrin and butterflies.  Katrin normally does not have butterflies in her pussy, but while they are there I am loving it.

So go visit Katrin at Club Katrin, she is just unbelievable.  She is also featured on another site called Big Tits, Curvy Asses.  Go visit her today.

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Posted By on 06/25/10 - Bookmark Babe Sites


Teen Paris Milan is best known for her big ass titties, but it is her ass that has me excited.  Look at that shapely ass, it just screams spank my daddy.

32DDDD is no laughing matter or easily ignored, but when you have a tiny little waist and nice thighs and a beautiful ass like that.  It is a little easier to not be stuck starring at those titties.  Teen Paris Milan has a ass that is spankably soft

So it is time to try get in those panties, so go to Teen Paris Milan and use the trial option to get your jerking done today.

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Posted By on 04/30/10 - Bookmark Babe Sites


Nuff said, this picture speaks volumes in itself.  That is the nicest little bubble butt around.  Cindy Cupcakes… I’d eat one…

Cindy Cupcakes is a fine little piece of ass, you have to judge for yourself.  After all, she could have the butters.  Her ass is nice, but her face is fucked up.  Or she could have the xactly’s, her face looks exactly like her ass.  Not so sure that is such a bad thing her.

So go check it out, she is the cutest little thing around, small titties and a fabulous ass.  Cindy Cupcakes is what you need in your lunch pale.

001 Told you she was cute!!!

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Posted By Rhino on 02/03/10 - Bookmark Babe Sites


It is strange how life works. During the Three’s Company years women had huge muffs. There was no such thing as camel toe and when there was… It meant you were a whore!

Now’a’days just about every girl out there shaves her muff off completely and camel toe is all but unavoidable. I am sure Stacy Keibler didn’t leave the beach house thinking, I am going to show off my pussy crack to everyone today. It just happened. Like I said, unavoidable when you shave your muff off.

The nice thing is… We get to know Stacy Keibler shaves her pussy bare and her camel toe practically gives us a birds eye view of it!

100 Camel Toe aggregates all of the best celebrity camel toe pics out there. You get babes like Stacy and celebs like Paris Hilton. They also have a huge collection of candid camel toe pics from public places.

All of the camel toes are categorized for easy viewing. Wet camel toes, naked camel toes, panty camel toes, bikini camel toes, stretch pants camel toes… I can go on but I think you get the picture!

As an added bonus you also get access to the entire network 100 Camel Toe is part of. Teen porn, amateur homemade porn, voyeur cams and more!

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Posted By Rhino on 12/10/09 - Bookmark Babe Sites


I have been a fan of Yurizan Beltran since I first saw her in big tits magazines. I had no idea she had a site on the Internet until just recently. Sweet Yurizan is now my home away from home. My place to unwind and get rid of all of that bad karma life throws your way. Without Yurizan and her fantastic fun bags my life just wouldn’t be complete!

Ever since I was a kid I always preferred the girls with a little extra chunk on them. Yurizan Beltran is like a perfect specimen for fans with a fascination of chunky women. She has a booty that just won’t quit and those delicious big tits.

As a member of Sweet Yurizan you get more big tits then you will know what to do with. She isn’t the jealous type so you get her and several of her big tits friends.

Looks like Christmas 2009 is about to get a whole lot warmer!

Posted By Rhino on 11/17/09 - Bookmark Babe Sites


If ever God had a reason to break the mold, Heather Summers would be it. Stacked like nobodies business and platinum locks that would stop a Japanese tour bus in its tracks. So many flash cameras going off at one time it would look like a strobe light was going off. Hell, I might even feel inclined to do my Mr. Roboto impression!

Club Heather Summers gives you exclusive access to this porn star goddess. Weekly updates, live webcam shows, Heather’s personal diary and more.

As a member you get more than just Heather Summers, you also get her porn star friends. Hot babes like Priya Anjali Rai and multi-model sites like Aziani which often feature such hotties as Eva Angelina!

Stop just thinking about Heather Summers and start watching her in her exclusive videos!

Posted By Rhino on 10/13/09 - Bookmark Babe Sites


Growing up I was always a horny little shit. Every single time I went swimming I spent half of my time trying to get an extra look at the girls I was swimming with and the other half trying to look like I was doing what I was supposed to be doing. This dual agenda thought process has served me well. I learned how to multitask my way into a very nice income.

Along the way I have run into troubles while performing my multitasking – If you can call them that. Once while I was multitasking I got caught by the mother of one of my buddies. I lingered too long and she knew I was trying to make out the curves and lines of her vaginal lips as they pressed on her tight bikini bottoms.

It was embarrassing to get caught. In my head I thought perhaps we’d have sex or something. I was a dreamer and she was not a pedophile. Funny how that works out isn’t it? When a thirty year old woman fucks a fifteen year old boy it is just having sex. Any dad throughout the history of this planet would give a big high five to his son if he banged a babe twice his age. Not the same for girls…

So she made me admit my problem. It felt good to get it off my chest. I mean, shit, I thought if I was honest she might actually give me a pitty fuck or something… Instead she told me to take one more good long look and then get her out of my mind. She said the last thing she needs is a bunch of crap to come from this.

It worked. You know the old saying, “Once you fuck a girl, the romance is over!” Once I got that look and got caught she wasn’t much fun to pursue anymore. I switched targets.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because Bikini Riot is where I go when I can’t make it to the pool. These guys take some very high resolution photos and videos of the girls. The kind of stuff dreams are made of for perverts like you and I.

Bikini Riot shoots all of its own content. Each of the models is hot and they all do several shoots. Some of them even shoot together!

The girls do more than just get naked. Once they have stripped out what little bikini they started with, they masturbate with fingers and toys. Sometimes they even use a stream of water. I have been blessed with having seen a girl masturbate in front of me using the shower massager and the bath spigot. Fucking amazing!

The girls of Bikini Riot sport naturally big boobs, fake boobs and small tits too. Everything from the chunky babe with thick hips and tits to match to the petite hottie with an ass you can bounce a quarter off of is included. Plus, you get access to the other sites these guys run. Three hot sites with hundreds of hot babes. Stop reading and start clicking!

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Posted By Rhino on 09/28/09 - Bookmark Babe Sites


Why stick with just one hot babe when you can have three? Actually, you can have literally hundreds because Jenna Haze has teamed up with the Premium Pass people to give you dozens of porn stars and hardcore sites for only $7.45 a month!

Along with Jenna Haze and her lesbian videos you get her hardcore guy/girl videos, along with the videos of all of her porn star friends like Eva Angelina!

Everything is downloadable and there are no restrictions. Once you grab it, you own it. Put it on your iPod or your laptop and you can take it with you literally anywhere you go!

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Posted By on 05/16/09 - Bookmark Babe Sites


Audrey Bitoni has a thing about her that makes her a major babe. It might be her beautiful face, big soft tits or her tight shaved pussy or it’s all of the above.

It is easy to see why Aziani.com is featuring her on their site. You have to be one sexy babe for them to put you on the main page seeing how they the fastest growing adult super site.

On Aziani you find thousands of high quality photos and videos of the worlds hottest women in sexy sets. A membership to Aziani.com gives you access to live web casts of shoots and they take suggestions for future videos and photos from their members.

So join Aziani.com a site that actually listens to its member.

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