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Posted By Rhino on 12/22/10 - Bookmark Babe Sites

Watch 2 hot ass big tits hard ass lesbian bikini babes suck and fuck eachother hard in these hot fuck pics

Some girls want nothing more than to blow up. No, I don’t  mean blow up as in light a fire cracker up their ass, you sicko! I am talking about procreating and eating stupid shit that doesn’t taste right like pickles and rocky road ice cream. Not to mention, doing so while telling a guy down wind and 50 yards away to put his cigarette out because it is somehow making your pregnant, fat ass nauseous.

Here is a tip, bitch. It ain’t the fucker smoking that is making you gag, it is that little bundle of joy you seem to want to pop out every 16 months! Fat slug!

Now where was I? Oh yes, Molly’s Life. This blonde hottie has no desire to procreate so her site is pretty much populated with lesbian videos. Piping hot lesbian videos!

Molly and her friends were always the type of girls that couldn’t seem to keep their legs closed while wearing skirts. The kind that knew their bathing suit was partially see-thru when wet and it didn’t stop them from getting in and out of the water constantly. You know the type… The kind that crave attention!

So give them some fucking attention you asshole!

You are lucky Molly is a cool chick because I am about ready to kick the living shit out of you. Instead, MollysLife.com is going to give you unlimited access to the entire Muffia network!

You may have won this battle… But we will see who wins the whore… [cough]…. war!

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Posted By on 09/06/10 - Bookmark Babe Sites


Ok, so when you were little and undressing your sisters Barbie is this the picture you imagined. Me either, I was shocked and amazed at what I saw.  Now I am a grown man and when I see a beautiful woman like Brea Bennett at Stunners naked I am still shocked and amazed.

What are those little pointy things, Barbie doesn’t have that, what is that line down there, is she OK? Did someone slit her there in the middle.  Well now I know, and all I want to do is split that slit in the middle.  Boy how times have changed, so know I get to visit Stunners and my own personal Barbie in Brea Bennett.

So get your membership to Stunners and enjoy all of your little perverted fantasies, nobody is watching go ahead.  Just imagine if the makers or Barbie were forward thinking enough to make Barbie anatomically correct with a dildo attachment.  Use it.

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Posted By Rhino on 09/28/09 - Bookmark Babe Sites


Why stick with just one hot babe when you can have three? Actually, you can have literally hundreds because Jenna Haze has teamed up with the Premium Pass people to give you dozens of porn stars and hardcore sites for only $7.45 a month!

Along with Jenna Haze and her lesbian videos you get her hardcore guy/girl videos, along with the videos of all of her porn star friends like Eva Angelina!

Everything is downloadable and there are no restrictions. Once you grab it, you own it. Put it on your iPod or your laptop and you can take it with you literally anywhere you go!

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Posted By Rhino on 07/21/09 - Bookmark Babe Sites


There are not many sites like Teen Dreams on the Internet. The good thing is you don’t need a ton of sites like Teen Dreams since it has a ton of content. There are over 5,600 models featured in over 1,000,000 images and over 1,400 videos!

With so much talent finding literally hundreds of girls that match your ideal teen babe is super easy. Finding the best is as easy as following the other members recommendations or using the search features to find what specifically excites you!

All of the models and their picture sets/videos are tagged with keywords and member ratings. The hotties all bubble up to the top of the page based on hundreds of thousands of votes.

The Teen Dreams models do both softcore and hardcore. There are solo masturbation videos, girl on girl videos and hardcore boy/girl videos. Most videos come with pics so you can pause the action without looking at a grainy video paused screen.

At $29.95 a month Teen Dreams won’t break the bank, however, you may need to upgrade to a higher quality lube!

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Posted By Rhino on 04/30/09 - Bookmark Babe Sites


Yeah, if anyone of us had your body, Crissy, we’d all be checking ourselves out too! Good job!

Some of us grew up with Crissy Moran. We watched her from her young adult life into her MILF years. Crissy is 33 years young at the moment. I picked her for this update because of her almost girl next door quality.

Sure, Crissy has a fake set of tits… Her tits aside, couldn’t you see yourself landing this chick at a bar? I met her at an adult webmasters convention and I have to say, Crissy Moran is one of the sweetest and most personable porn stars I have ever met.

If you find Crissy Moran fuck-tabulously fuck-able you might want to get a membership to her site. NOW! Crissy has decided to get ready for the rapture and is trying to get her pornographic materials removed from the Internet.

Well, Crissy, we wish you good luck on staying away from the cock you crave and the lesbian licks you long for and wish you even more luck on getting close to 1 million images and videos removed from hundreds of thousands of websites!

But just to be sure… Grab all of the Crissy Moran content you can get from Criss-M.net and remember, no digital rights management means you can watch it even if/and after, Crissy is successful!

Oh… And as a member you also get access to 15 more porn star babes sites. Check the join page for all of the juicy details!

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Posted By Rhino on 04/16/09 - Bookmark Babe Sites


Super Glam stands for “Hot European Chicks Baring It All.”

When I say European I am not talking about some skanky looking toothy chicks. I am talking about Scandinavian, Hungarian, etc. I could go on but I am sure you want to know more about the lesbian videos above and less about a long list of European countries.

Super Glam updates weekly with hot new models and your often get a two-fer like the one above. Each video at Super Glam is accompanied by some extremely high resolution pics. The Super Glam babes do several videos and picture sets each.

Currently there are over 4,173 videos. Yes, I said 4 as in four-thousand. We are talking hours and hours of videos here. So many babe videos you are probably not going to get to them all. However, you will find lots of personal favorites! Guaranteed!

With 85 models and growing it would be difficult for you not to find a dozen you can’t do without. Super Glam has shot many well known models like Zuzana Z, Anetta Keys and Eve Angel. They also shoot the girl next door too.

Each model fills out a detailed bio page about her likes and dislikes, spit or swallow, measurements, etc. Models are rated and so are their respective videos and pics. Finding the video that will satisfy your cravings couldn’t be easier. They are usually the ones at the top of the ranking page.

Give Super Glam a try and see why blonde Hungarian models are Donald Trumps favorite!

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Posted By Rhino on 03/14/09 - Bookmark Babe Sites


Some guys don’t like tits with a little bit of natural sag to them. I don’t mind it one bit. If Carol Goldnerova wants to smother me with her fun bags of feminine flesh, go right fucking ahead! In fact, I insist!

You can find babes like Carol Goldnerova at Twistys. Who are these Twistys I speak of?

Well, Twistys is where the hottest women in porn go to take their clothes off and bury vibrators deep into their orifices. All of them. Until every last hole is taken. OK… So I am going a bit overboard…

All kidding aside… Twistys has over 17,000 video clips featuring all of the hottest names in porn. There are over 1,000,000 images and a total of 2000+ models.

Do they only masturbate? Hell no! These are porn stars, not girls next door! They masturbate, squirt, take a cock in the ass, titty fuck, play the skin flute, suck balls, suck pussy and do just about every other sexual act known to mankind.

Lots of people have babes. Twistys has them in the situations you fantasize about!

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Pop quiz, Hot Shot!

The babe in the black high heels says you have to bang her friend in order to get a crack at her. What do you do?

Well, you mercy fuck the butter face from behind while she gets your temptress wet in the crotch and then you tell her you like to have people watch when you have sex with hot babes and send her to the easy chair in the corner.

Seriously though… If you are here surfing porn blogs, you would probably fuck either of them just the same if you had the chance. But, don’t worry… Cam With Her is loaded with babes like the one wearing all black.

Cam With Her is not just a live cams site, it is also a full fledged porn site like no other. The girls at Cam With Her have been in FHM, Maxim and other men’s magazines. These aren’t your typical “wives making extra cash on the side as cam girls” type of babes. These are 9’s and 10’s with a few butter faces thrown in for equality.

You can take the normal membership option like any other pay site and watch the archived cam shows and updated videos. Plus, the girls have picture sets too.

CamWithHer.com sends their girls to wet t-shirt contests, strip clubs, adult parties and the members get to watch it all online or download it to their hard drives!

As a member you can talk to the girls via the message system and talk to other members too. When and if you decide to treat yourself to a private web cam show you get 20% off!

Grab a Fleshlight and experience the sensation of virtually fucking the babe on screen!

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Posted By Rhino on 06/14/08 - Bookmark Babe Sites

I like natural things. Well… Let me put that another way… I like when things happen on their own… Hmm… Even that didn’t come out right. OK… It isn’t natural per-se for a hot babe to shave her pussy bare but, the natural camel toe that occurs when a woman does it well worth the detour from nature!

Terri Summers is a porn star. You don’t see many porn stars like Terri. She is full figured and she could easily pass for the girl next door or a girl at the river during Spring Break.

Along with her natural, no makeup side Terri Summers has a very glamorous side too. All doled up in makeup she looks every bit the part of a porn star. She is sexy and her nipples practically beg for attention.

Unlike most porn stars I have seen Terri has an almost virgin looking pussy. I wouldn’t say she has pussy lips… I’d say she has a pussy fold. Terri Summers pussy looks awfully  tight for a full figured woman!

You can watch Terri Summers doing solo masturbation, hot lesbian scenes and hardcore with both guys and girls at the same time! Terri updates her site weekly with new content. In addition to the pics and videos you also get live chat and cam shows with a porn star!

Members of TerriSummers.com get access to Glamour Models Gone Bad and Amateurs Gone Bad as an added bonus.

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Posted By Rhino on 06/05/08 - Bookmark Babe Sites

Proving that you don’t need to be from an island nation to be exotic, we have the Hungarian Honey Zoe and her sweet set of Hungarian tits.

Certain European nations have plenty of exotic babes to go around and Hungary is one of them. Everyone knows about Sweden and Norway, but Hungary has full figured babes with huge tits you just cannot find anywhere else.

HungarianHoneys.com stocks their Internet shelves full of busty Hungarian Honeys each and every day. How they manage to find so many Hungarian babes willing to take their clothes off and make sexy time for the camera I don’t know.

Each Honey gets naked and rubs herself down making sure to hit those special spots. Some go hardcore with guys and with other Honeys too.

The videos are Hungarian Honeys are crystal clear and shot by one of the premier porn houses in the porn world, New Sensations.

Make sure to get a Fleshlight so you can really feel like you are fucking your own Hungarian Honey.

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Posted By Rhino on 05/09/08 - Bookmark Babe Sites


Don’t let the cute smile and innocent look of Bree Olson fool you. I mean sure she just turned 21 and has only been in the industry for a little over a year but she has already become one of it’s biggest stars.

It takes some girls years to get their own site but she got BreeOlson.com up and running before her first year in porn was complete. On her site  she gives you access to exclusive videos and photos of scenes that she has done with some of her naughty friends.

If videos and photos of Bree Olson are not enough for you, she also gives you access to her blog where she updates you on what is going on in her life. If you are like me and cant get enough of Bree Olson she also sends you email updates of her site and her appearances, just incase she is in your area.

How many girls do you know that give you the kind of access that Bree Olson does to her life. So show your appreciation to her and become a member today of BreeOlson.com.

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