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Posted By Rhino on 12/22/12 - Bookmark Babe Sites
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Can you tell the difference between a hot babe and a sexy shemale? What if I were to tell you that I purposefully picked all of the babes above to trick you? I picked girls that I felt could go either way, but who I figured you would think were tranny. All of these girls were born girls. Or were they?

There is only one way to find out and that is to take the Babe or Fake test. Quiz yourself on your ability to discern the real babes from the fake ones. Your results will shock you. Some of the fake ones are so real looking there is no way to know until it is too late, you have already brought her to bed!


Fire up your smart phone and text the link to your friends. See who can pick the real babes from the fake ones more often. Who knows, you might have a secret tranny lover within your midst.

Playing is completely free and the website is easily viewable on all Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Palm devices. Have fun!

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Posted By Rhino on 12/14/12 - Bookmark Babe Sites


In doing this job I have been a member of many a website featuring hot babes masturbating. I would have to say FTV Girls delivers on so many levels it is hard to fit them all into one post with boring you with details.

For starters the babes at FTVGirls.com are a bit more like the girl next door than at other sites like Twistys; where they use porn stars and professional models. FTV gets the girls right off the street and slaps on some hair and makeup. What you end up with is a girl you actually think you might have a chance with; or a girl that looks like someone you might have dated in the past.


The next thing FTV Girls does differently is they let the girls act natural. When they are masturbating they don’t moan like a fake porn star. They coo like a real girls does. When they orgasm it is real. You get to watch in high definition video while their pussies contract with each wave of their orgasms.

Most of the girl do many photo sets and videos. The photo sets are done in a way where they can hit on many different niches. Such as giving you extended photos of their panties, feet, etc… Stuff some photographers just gloss over.

What you end up with is an erotic web site like no other. There are over 10 years worth of updates in the members area. With hundreds of girls and thousands of videos there is always some hidden gem you stumble upon that blows you away. Get in and get excited with the FTV Girls!

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Posted By Rhino on 12/04/12 - Bookmark Babe Sites


Some guys see a girl with a pastrami sandwich pussy and they think it looks disgusting. I am not one of those guys. I am a big fan of pussy. No matter if that pussy is pastrami on rye or a cleft of Venus, I will eat, frig it and fuck it all the same!

FemJoy has the largest selection of erotic nude models anywhere. They have so many that you can easily find hundreds of babes with any type of pussy you desire. Match that pussy to your favorite tits and odds are you are still looking at hundreds of babes.

The site updates with high definition videos and pictures on a daily basis. Most days you get two updates from two different babes. The majority of the models have several videos and several picture sets. The pics are shot in very high definition.

How close do you want to zoom into that sandwich?

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Posted By Rhino on 11/20/12 - Bookmark Babe Sites


Before you try to tell me that cyber-sex isn’t actually sex let me tell you something. Cyber-sex has plenty of upsides. Having it won’t get a girl pregnant so you pay a little upfront and nothing for the next 18 years. Cybering won’t give you a venereal disease. It costs a lot less than hookers and nobody is going to print your name in the paper if you get caught!

Besides all of that you aren’t going to be able to afford to fuck a girl as high class as webcam model 0000SweetKelly any other way. I got her to flash me her tits and show me her panties for free. She wanted to go private and I was treated to one of the most succulent pink pussies I have ever had the luxury of seeing. Totally worth every penny!

Have webcam sex and keep your home disease free through the holidays. Your loved one with thank you without ever knowing about the dirty deeds you are doing with Sweet Kelly!

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Posted By Rhino on 11/09/12 - Bookmark Babe Sites

hotest french slut - Free Videos Adult Sex Tube - BedRoomMedi1a

It isn’t very probable that either of us with ever have a chance like this with a girl like this. Hot French sluts with huge tits and athletic bodies aren’t falling from the skies unless of course you are looking for free porn. I have found a hot babe tube site you don’t even have to join in order to watch entire videos.

Yeah, you read that right. You can watch entire videos and you don’t even have to join.

hotest french slut - Free Videos Adult Sex Tube - BedRo1omMedia

This French slut became like putty in his hands. She got so hot and bothered she almost came while he fingered her clit and groped her huge tits. Suddenly it occurred to her that his cock could use some attention.

hotest french slut - Free Videos Adult Sex Tube2 - BedRoomMedia

She pulled his cock out of his pants and blew it like a porn star. The tables were turned. Now he was ready to explode and he hadn’t even stuck his cock in her wet cunt yet!

Before the video ends fifteen minutes later they try every position until it is time for her to receive the celebratory money shot on her expensive huge tits.

Yeah… We won’t be fucking hot babes like this one, but we can always dream, right?

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Posted By Rhino on 11/05/12 - Bookmark Babe Sites

When you go looking for web cam babes you deserve the best. That is why I frequent my favorite site for adultcamchat.me sex cams. The nice thing about girls with hot bodies like this is you can do all of the things you have always wanted to do. No matter what position she is in she looks like a goddess. Oil, chocolate, soap bubbles, no matter what spread on her smooth skin she looks utterly delicious.

Who is she?  She goes by DirtyTeen18 and her body leaves nothing to be desired. Not only that, this little blonde cutie has a great personality that really comes out during her cam chat shows. She will leave you feeling very satisfied.

Tour the site and enjoy the scenery!

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Posted By Rhino on 10/31/12 - Bookmark Babe Sites


This probably isn’t the cash for students plan Romney and Ryan had in mind when they talked about restructuring the Pell Grant system and government backed student loan guarantees. If any candidate did back this form of student tuition payments they would get my vote for sure.

Do away with the payments and the loans by enjoying some free sex chat on perfectcam.com. Girls like to get naughty and smooth talking guys like myself enjoy goading them into getting naughty for free.

I found this little camgirl cutie while looking at somebody else’s profile. She popped up in the similar models section. Take a look at her profile. How is it even possible this girl is from Russia? She is way too hot to be a descendent of the communist block. They say that looks can be deceiving and that the proof is in the pudding.

I am going to go check out her pudding right now. See ya!

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Posted By Rhino on 10/17/12 - Bookmark Babe Sites

mobile porn

Lately the craze has been all about mobile porn. Everybody is looking for it and producers are pumping out more and more of it every day. So where can you go to slice through all of the slop and hone in on the good stuff?

I have been surfing a site called, oddly enough, MobilePorn.org. They have organized thousands of mobile porn links into an easy to navigate site you can use literally anywhere you can get a signal from. Personally I have to go to a lot of boring meetings and with the volume turned down this site has perked my dreary days up quite a bit!

The mobile videos play on many different devices. A friend of mine was watching one of the videos on his old Razer. Those fuckers are fucking ancient! Just goes to show, mobile is where it is at.

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Posted By Rhino on 09/14/12 - Bookmark Babe Sites


With over 2,500 models and over 30,000 galleries BabeCake.net is not hurting for attention. Babes like Grace B above make this site an A plus in my book. The site is loaded with hot and sexy pornstars as well. Everything is tagged so you can search model names and find all of your favorites!

If that isn’t hardcore enough for you there is a review site providing babe xxx sites reviews that might be more of your thing. Stop buying porn without a roadmap to the good stuff. They have thousands of reviews and take submission requests.

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Posted By Rhino on 09/13/12 - Bookmark Babe Sites


Here’s one of the latest added free latestrip cams models! She calls herself the "Golden Cutie", she’s 20 years old and she loves posing in sexy lingerie for hot looking generous boys from all over the world.

Enter her private video chat room right away and start having fun. She’ll be ready to offer your one of the best webcam sex shows in your whole life. Hurry up dude, she’s quite busy usually as more and more guys get to know about her and want to see her performing. Right now she’s a single click away and you’ll certainly love the way she acts. She’s open to all kinds of dirty proposals and she’ll make sure that you’ll be treated the way you deserve and all you’ll desires will be fulfilled.

Don’t be shy… dare to share your dirty fantasies and you’ll be rewarded for sure.

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Posted By Rhino on 08/27/12 - Bookmark Babe Sites


Here is a fun porn photo that someone sent to me via email. This sexy girlfriend is teasing her boyfriend in hot college dorm room porn photos wearing sheer panties and bra. I love the little white sheer lace panties she is wearing so we can see she has a nice bald pussy under them! This lucky bastard will have fucked this girl hardcore after their homemade porn photo shoot and made her orgasm in her dorm room! Damn I want to go back to college now!

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Posted By Rhino on 08/24/12 - Bookmark Babe Sites


So it looks like we have Natasha Belle standing around the pool wearing a pink pair of skimpy panties and a red top. Who does that in real life? Seriously though, are we here to hate or to congratulate? I am voting for the later!

Congratulations, Natasha, you just gave me and my readers a boner. For that you shall receive a money shot to your perky young tits. If you are really nice you might even get poked in the butt.

Natasha Belle is pretty classy, but not so classy that she won’t cyber with you. Members get unlimited access to this hottie. Well, there are limits, but when was the last time Jenna Jameson chatted you up and mastur-bated with you? Unless you are a porn star that is probably never.

They say you should never say never. I say you should quit reading my mindless dribble and take the NatashaBelle.com tour. It has to be more insightful than I could ever be.

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Posted By Rhino on 07/31/12 - Bookmark Babe Sites


Babe Emily eating a very large sucker.


Emily’s Dream showing off her booty.


Emily’s Dream is what happens when you feed a girl right and those calories go to all of the right places on her body. Emily has a lot of curves from her big tits to her round ass. There is a whole lotta babe on this broad to go around!

Good thing too because Emily has a rather large fan club to go with her rather large boobs. So many people in fact that Emily doesn’t mind sharing them, you included, with her friends!

Get unrestricted access to Emily’s Dream and her 30G tits along with unlimited access to her friends like Tegan Brady, Dors Feline, Ellie Jay and many more!

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Posted By Rhino on 07/10/12 - Bookmark Babe Sites


There are some things in life that are made to be used together and are the perfect match. This free porn photo features one of those precious combinations… baby oil and naked girls!

Girls, when covered in baby oil, are sooo much hotter than they are normally. I think it’s because it makes their skin look so nice, or that it makes their pussy extra wet. Who cares, all I know is that i love it and when i have had the luck occasion of fucking a girl who is covered in baby oil it has been absolutely EPIC.

So without further ado enjoy this great porn photo of this Brazilian babe covered in baby oil.

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Posted By Rhino on 06/08/12 - Bookmark Babe Sites

Every once in a while I get a big jealous of the guys at Digital Desire. These mofos get to gawk at super-duper-hotties like Layla Rose all fuck-ing day long!

It isn’t fair!

Then I remind myself, these mofos are actually a great group of guys that believe in the motto, "My hot model is your hot model." Six days out of the week they take us for a ride on their coattails as they shoot videos and extremely high resolution pics of the world’s hottest women!

So I guess these Digital Desire guys deserve a hand… Just not the wet one okay?

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