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Posted By Rhino on 05/30/13 - Bookmark Babe Sites

Naked webcam girls

When it comes to babes I am a purist. I think babes are a natural phen-omenon that you cannot, or should not, just be able to buy into with a cheap set of fake tits. I prefer a babe with curves and some real boobs that hang naturally. You might not share my view though and guess what? We can still both get what we want!

OMFG! How is that even possible?

If you are a true lover of all babes, or you have certain subsets of categories of babes you prefer, I am going to show you how to score them for so fucking cheap you are going to premature ejaculate. Go get a towel, I don’t want you drowning your keyboard in man-goo.

OK, this is a super simple concept to follow. Go to NeedGirl.com and find Big Tits in the category list on the left side. Now look just above the models photos and change Features to Gold Show. This will populate the photos with hot babes with big tits that are doing gold shows.

Pick a girl and notice there is a price on the right hand side of the webcam screen. That isn’t what you have to pay to watch. It is just how much she would like everyone to pay. With this gold show concept you are going to pat perhaps $3 to $5 and then watch the whole show with everyone else that chipped in. If you want to tip $10 to $20 you can make requests and receive benefits like prerecorded videos of the models.

Just by joining the site you get to watch tons of free videos and look at models photo sets. Now you know how to score hot webcam girls with big tits and do it all on the cheap!

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Posted By Rhino on 03/06/13 - Bookmark Babe Sites


Top models from around the world are waiting to help you explore the exhilarating world of webcam sex. Babes like Anstasy above are full figured with real tits, not fake ones. When she thrusts her chest into the camera and they take up your entire monitor it is going to be like being there in person to suck on those sexy nipples.

Sex cam girls are the wave of the future in online entertainment for quite a few reasons. For starters, you can’t get these girls pregnant. A big plus for your pocketbook and your relationship with your wife. You never touch the girl so it isn’t really cheating. You cannot get an STD from having cyber sex!

Add it all up and the benefits definitely make this an excellent option no matter what your current relationship status may be. Start up a free chat session right now!

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Posted By Rhino on 02/16/13 - Bookmark Babe Sites

You know that tender moment in your life when you know you are in love? I am having that moment right now for this curvaceous nineteen year old webcam model. I found her teen webcam show on TeenWebCams.in. She was shaking her money maker in public. I am not sure if she thought she was in private or what, but after this portion of the video she proceeded to bang herself with a vibrator!

I guess she was doing it for the benefit of her viewing public because now that I think about it some moron took her private half way through her masturbation session. What kind of idiot does that?

I am going to assume that you are not an idiot. Girls will do some pretty crazy shit for you if you sit back and let them. I have had hot web cam babes do all sorts of shit for me and I never pay.

My own personal tips:

  • Be patient. It takes all night to bang a chick at the bar. Why would you think webcams would be different?
  • Be courteous. Girls are bombarded with guys popping in and asking them to bare their pussy, tits and ass. Instead, tell her how pretty she is. Shower her in compliments. Be her savior. Make her desire you over the obnoxious idiots in the room.
  • Just because she is hot it doesn’t mean she knows it. No matter how hot a girl is she is still susceptible to flattery.

Stick to those rules and you will have webcam models eating out of your hand!

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Posted By Rhino on 01/03/13 - Bookmark Babe Sites


Let’s see here. Would you fuck this hot GlamorBarbie online? I am going to have to say… YES!

I doubt we could actually kid anyone into believing we’d pass up having sex with this glamorous babe. She could easily have come from a magazine cover like Vogue or Cosmo. So what is she doing on a free sexy webcam?

The problem with those modeling jobs is a girl has to enjoy them. She tried it and didn’t like it. Everybody has been told at some time in their lives to choose a career doing something you enjoy doing. As it turns out this blonde bodacious babe enjoys talking dirty and flirting with older men.

Be her fantasy while she fulfills yours at the same time!

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Posted By Rhino on 10/31/12 - Bookmark Babe Sites


This probably isn’t the cash for students plan Romney and Ryan had in mind when they talked about restructuring the Pell Grant system and government backed student loan guarantees. If any candidate did back this form of student tuition payments they would get my vote for sure.

Do away with the payments and the loans by enjoying some free sex chat on perfectcam.com. Girls like to get naughty and smooth talking guys like myself enjoy goading them into getting naughty for free.

I found this little camgirl cutie while looking at somebody else’s profile. She popped up in the similar models section. Take a look at her profile. How is it even possible this girl is from Russia? She is way too hot to be a descendent of the communist block. They say that looks can be deceiving and that the proof is in the pudding.

I am going to go check out her pudding right now. See ya!

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Posted By Rhino on 12/04/08 - Bookmark Babe Sites


Pop quiz, Hot Shot!

The babe in the black high heels says you have to bang her friend in order to get a crack at her. What do you do?

Well, you mercy fuck the butter face from behind while she gets your temptress wet in the crotch and then you tell her you like to have people watch when you have sex with hot babes and send her to the easy chair in the corner.

Seriously though… If you are here surfing porn blogs, you would probably fuck either of them just the same if you had the chance. But, don’t worry… Cam With Her is loaded with babes like the one wearing all black.

Cam With Her is not just a live cams site, it is also a full fledged porn site like no other. The girls at Cam With Her have been in FHM, Maxim and other men’s magazines. These aren’t your typical “wives making extra cash on the side as cam girls” type of babes. These are 9’s and 10’s with a few butter faces thrown in for equality.

You can take the normal membership option like any other pay site and watch the archived cam shows and updated videos. Plus, the girls have picture sets too.

CamWithHer.com sends their girls to wet t-shirt contests, strip clubs, adult parties and the members get to watch it all online or download it to their hard drives!

As a member you can talk to the girls via the message system and talk to other members too. When and if you decide to treat yourself to a private web cam show you get 20% off!

Grab a Fleshlight and experience the sensation of virtually fucking the babe on screen!

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