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Jennifer White is a sexy brunette babe with a beautiful ass and big tits, she has sweet pouty lips both on her face and her special place.  She is definitely a Stunners.

Stunners is dedicated to stunningly beautiful women with all the sexiness that we all enjoy, nice asses, bit tits, beautiful faces.  There is some good lesbian action and a little hardcore, but mainly beautiful solo models.

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Have you ever seen a better specimen of a woman? I am sure there are a ton of feminists out there that will beg to differ, but, Jesus H. Christ did God Almighty ever get it right when he created this beauty!

Ashlynn Brooke is more than just a babe with big tits, she is also a porn star. So you get to see more than just a naked women with heavenly knockers, you get to see a talented, seductive actress plying her unique abilities to make men cum by the bucket load!

Take the Ashlynn Brooke tour and I am sure you will fall in love with this hottie. Notice while you are there that you also get access to her friends and porn sites like Heavy Handfuls and Fresh Out of High School!

Treat yourself to something nice this X-Mas by joining Ashlynn Brooke right now!

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She is satisfying her craving for hot babe pussy, are you?

Sounds like you need some Twistys in your life. Right now they are giving you trial access for only $1 on a Halloween special!

Twistys has been in business for almost a decade and updates with the world’s hottest babes several times a day. Twistys has always been on this accelerated schedule of updates so the archives are literally busting at the seams!

Click the picture above and experience Nicole Heiress and her puffy nipples, her puffy pussy and her dick sucking lips! One night with her and you’ll feel like you’ve hit the trifecta of sexual stimulation!

There are thousands of models in the Twistys archives captured in over 1 million photos and over 20,000 videos! Each model does several photo sets and videos, plus many keep coming back for more!

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Ok, so when you were little and undressing your sisters Barbie is this the picture you imagined. Me either, I was shocked and amazed at what I saw.  Now I am a grown man and when I see a beautiful woman like Brea Bennett at Stunners naked I am still shocked and amazed.

What are those little pointy things, Barbie doesn’t have that, what is that line down there, is she OK? Did someone slit her there in the middle.  Well now I know, and all I want to do is split that slit in the middle.  Boy how times have changed, so know I get to visit Stunners and my own personal Barbie in Brea Bennett.

So get your membership to Stunners and enjoy all of your little perverted fantasies, nobody is watching go ahead.  Just imagine if the makers or Barbie were forward thinking enough to make Barbie anatomically correct with a dildo attachment.  Use it.

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They say the proof is in the pudding… and you’d be crazy not to be putting your cock inside such a wonderful piece of ass like Sunny Leone!

This Indian porn star got her start back in 2003 when she was picked as the Penthouse Pet of the Year. Since then she has hit the ground running and has amassed quite a collection of porn videos. Now you can grab them all in one place by joining Sunny Leone on her official site!

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It was so hard leaving this in the m orning after an exhaustive nite of wild animal love making.  Yeah OK, we both know I am full of shit, because first off if anyone had Karla of fucking Karla Spice laying in bed like this, they ain’t going no where.

Secondly, if I had this in bed I sure as shit wouldn’t be here blogging about, I’d be doing it.  I do tell you this though, I ever meet Karla Spice in person and she shows the slightest interest, I am doing the Harlem Nights call.  Hey Hun, tell junior I love him and oh yeah I ain’t never coming home.

I hope my other half don’t read this, but just in case I am just kidding about what I said about Karla Spice (Shhh, no I’m not).  Karla does not go completely nude but she shows here spectacular ass and wonderful tits.  I for one am keeping my membership current, in anticipation of her showing all her glory.  I want to be the first to see. 

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Posted By Rhino on 06/29/10 - Bookmark Babe Sites

I love these kinds of bra and panty sets. When my own GF wears them I get easy access to the things they are supposed to be covering. You can even pull the panties down from the front and fuck her with them on!

Brooke Becker is not a porn star. She is a glamour model that has appeared in men’s magazines and Harley Davidson calendars among other accomplishments.

Babe fans will enjoy the weekly updates and the large number of videos and picture sets already in the members area!

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I can only imagine how lucky Raylene’s UPS guy must feel. Her huge tits are what spring boys from adolescence into puberty!

Over the years I have seen a lot of hot bods and I always love to see girls like Raylene. Why? Because she has that girl next door appeal mixed with a flair that says, “Can’t touch this!”

Erotica Archives has been producing Erotic Nude “Art” for years and if there is one thing the world can use more of it is high definition pics and video of flawless babes like Raylene.

Updates come in daily at Erotica Archives and you can download everything. There are no digital rights management or other bullshit so you can watch everything even after you cancel… But why would you want to do that?

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You have a girlfriend… or you don’t. Either way, you have a desire to see hot chicks in skimpy bikinis and that is why you are here!

Bikini Dare has a burning desire to show you those hot girls in hot bikinis. The kinds of skimpy micro-kinis your girlfriend, wife or significant other isn’t comfortable wearing. Stuff like the see-thru bikini above.

The babes at Bikini Dare range in size, shape and color. Every nationality, every breast size, pastrami sandwiches and Clefts of Venus. They have dozens of their own models and receive submissions from ladies all over the world that don’t mind sharing their passion for showing off what they’ve got!

There are currently over 1,300 videos featuring these hot babes and over 80,000 hi-res pics. Everything is shot exclusively by Bikini Dare. You won’t find licensed content or sub-par quality. These guys and gals are as passionate as they come!

So… How passionate are you? Put your life on hold for an hour and enjoy the tropics with girls in microkinis! These guys have made staying a member brain-dead-easy. Join and receive a loyalty discount of $6 off your second month and $12 off every month thereafter!

Who else is going to give you regular updates of hot bikini girls for as little as $13.95 a month? You probably pay more than that as it is. Stop over paying for hot babes in micro-bikinis and join the best, Bikini Dare!

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For about the price of a decent dinner at a good restaurant you can skip the dinner and go straight to the dessert when you enjoy what J. Stephan Hicks has lined up for you. Babes like Brea Lynn are just young enough to turn heads and old enough to carry on a conversation with you. No matter what your age is.

Digital Desire is the baby of a man that has been shooting women (with a camera) for decades. He has captured these women for some of the biggest men’s magazines in the world. Name the magazine, he has shot someone for it. Now you can be a part of his world. Their world. Brea Lynn’s world!

Multiple daily updates, the world’s hottest women (literally), real tits, fake tits, no matter what, the best tits! Only one man can bring it to you and Digital Desire is his playground. It can be your playground too. Take the tour and enjoy God’s gift to mankind!

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What do you do when you are J. Stephan Hicks and you have shot every girl imaginable for just about every Men’s Magazine ever created? Well, if you are smart, and he is, you open your own site and start shooting the girls for yourself. And that is just what he did!

Digital Desire showcases all of the hottest girls Stephan has ever shot like Lindsay Marie above. With two decades of glamour photography experience this man has created one of the hottest babe sites I have ever seen. And in my line of work I have seen a lot of babe sites come and go…

With daily updates and decades of porn in the archives you have a lot of exploring to do here at Digital Desire. Stephan shoots in everything high resolution and then has his staff convert it down for those will low bandwidth connections. If you are one of the elite motherfuckers with a fast connection the clarity of both the videos and the pics is going to blow your mind.

There are dozens of models for almost every letter of the alphabet. The total number is in the hundreds. These are the girls from back in the day, as well as, the girls of today. All captured in high resolution!

Find More Babes at Digital Desire!

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Let me be honest with you. FTV Girls does not need your money. Conversely, you don’t need to watch the girls from FTV Girls masturbate in public. You don’t need to watch them do extreme things like fuck six inch diameter dildos, fist themselves, fuck a hose with running water or stuff their panties into their pussies

We all do what we do because we WANT to do it. They want your money and they want to satisfy your craving to test the limits of what the female anatomy can do. You want to view those tests and you want to watch hot girls masturbating to a real orgasm!

Notice in the movies above that the shop she is masturbating in front of is OPEN for business! These girls do some pretty crazy things and it is only right that we honor their service by watching their crazy videos!

The site features weekly updates, tons of interviews with public flashing, very high resolution photos and videos, you won’t find this kind of quality or originality anywhere else!

Take the FTVGirls.com tour and click on a girl. Watch her “Low Res Sample” and notice it is higher than most sites highest resolution! Click on another. And another. This shit just gets better and better the more you explore it!

Here is one of my favorites. Two blonde babes Sandy and Yana having sex in a very public park right out in the middle of the grass!

This is one of the hottest sites you will ever see. Want an insider tip? After joining, go to cancel. During the process it will ask if you want to keep rebilling for a much lower rate. Say yes and enjoy FTV Girls for far less than anyone else!

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Growing up I spent a good deal of my time reading my brother’s Penthouse magazines. I devoured them. Front front cover to back cover, I memorized every nook and cranny.

I eventually got my own subscription and over a period of years the boxes of magazines began to pile up. When I eventually got married my new wife found the boxes of Penthouse and flipped out.

“Why in hell do you need ten boxes of porno mags!?!?” she wondered very loudly.

Well, my dear, they aren’t just porno mags. They are a fucking icon and I grew up on their humor and unbiased journalism. You practically fucking married me because of the balls I grew while reading these very magazines. So no, we will not throw them in the trash. Deal with it!

Yeah well… They eventually ended up being sold on Ebay to a collector. She might have cleared some space in the attic, but I still have the upper hand. I have a subscription to Penthouse.com!

Now I can read my articles and view the lovely ladies like Adrienne Manning above without that bitch finding out about it. She thought 10 banana boxes was a lot of porn? Ha!

Not only do I have mountains of banana boxes worth of pics, now I have video too! And the pics. I can zoom way the fuck in. Couldn’t do that with a magazine. Penthouse even has live shows.

So – You may think you have won, evil woman, but it is I who has had the last laugh!

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Twistys is more than just hot babes like Brea Lynn taking their clothes off. The site is more of an art form. An endless canvas of nudes so gorgeous and glamorous Brad Pitt stops by to whank here!

The name Twistys is synonymous with quality. Everything from the model to the equipment is top-notch. Currently Twistys is the 1,070th most popular web site on the Internet. That might not seem like much until you realize there are 100’s of millions of sites out there. Take every department store, news outlet, industry site like Zillow, etc and Twistys is number 1,070?

That means a lot of people are jacking off at work!

It is easy to see why… There are over 17,000 Twistys videos featuring over 2,000 hot babes!

How did Twistys acquire all of this porn? They shot it themselves! So everything is 100% exclusive and there are multiple daily updates.

Doing some simple math you can see that each model does several videos and picture sets. Some models are softcore like Playboy and others are hardcore like…. uhh… porn

As a member of Twistys.com you also get access to their other sites. Take the tour and check the bottom of the join page for the list!

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Super Glam stands for “Hot European Chicks Baring It All.”

When I say European I am not talking about some skanky looking toothy chicks. I am talking about Scandinavian, Hungarian, etc. I could go on but I am sure you want to know more about the lesbian videos above and less about a long list of European countries.

Super Glam updates weekly with hot new models and your often get a two-fer like the one above. Each video at Super Glam is accompanied by some extremely high resolution pics. The Super Glam babes do several videos and picture sets each.

Currently there are over 4,173 videos. Yes, I said 4 as in four-thousand. We are talking hours and hours of videos here. So many babe videos you are probably not going to get to them all. However, you will find lots of personal favorites! Guaranteed!

With 85 models and growing it would be difficult for you not to find a dozen you can’t do without. Super Glam has shot many well known models like Zuzana Z, Anetta Keys and Eve Angel. They also shoot the girl next door too.

Each model fills out a detailed bio page about her likes and dislikes, spit or swallow, measurements, etc. Models are rated and so are their respective videos and pics. Finding the video that will satisfy your cravings couldn’t be easier. They are usually the ones at the top of the ranking page.

Give Super Glam a try and see why blonde Hungarian models are Donald Trumps favorite!

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