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Posted By Rhino on 09/13/15 - Bookmark Babe Sites

The Worst Way to Screw Up a Hookup Date

If you’ve gotten a hookup date, congratulations. The first hookup is the hardest. The good news is that once you get that first hookup, it’s like drilling for water. The moment you hit that first well, it’s going to be so much easier to find other wells.

Online dating is like that. The first hookup is the hardest. But once you get that date going, it seems that you’ve become a chick magnet. That’s why I’m congratulating you right now.

However, don’t think that you’ve got it made. You have to pay attention to how you act during your sex date. That is precisely what it is. It’s a date focused on the expectation that you would have sex.

A hookup date is very different from a regular date. On a regular date, you really are rolling the dice. On some dates, you end up kissing, and then you go home and jerk off. Or the chick doesn’t even kiss you and you just go home and feel mad at yourself for having spent all that time, effort, and money. Well, the good news is when you go on a date for a hookup, you’re guaranteed to get laid. So, that part is taken care of.

Still, too many guys screw up sex dates. That’s right. It’s like Michael Jordan flying with a ball on his hand, about to dunk at the rim. And then all of a sudden, he makes a false move, the ball slams into the rim and bounces off. Can you imagine that? That’s exactly the kind of feeling most guys get when they figure out that they screwed up a date that was a guaranteed hookup.

So, what are the things that you can do, that would screw up your date? Pay attention to the following.


Women hate guys who brag. I mean, she’s already there. She’s ready to suck your dick. She’s ready to get down on her knees, tongue your balls, just get to town, and you’re ready to fuck her.

There’s no need to brag. There’s no need to prove yourself. There’s no need for that insecure, immature bullshit. The worst way to screw up that date is just to continuously brag.

You already have her, Dude. Stop being so insecure. Stop talking about your car. Stop talking about how much money you make. Just shut up, get your dick sucked, get laid, and enjoy your night.


You know, the interesting thing about this situation is that a lot of guys can’t seem to overcome their addiction to lying. They just have to lie. They exaggerate. They make up all sorts of bullshit, when in reality, they’re already on a date that’s a guaranteed lay.

There’s no need to lie because there’s nobody to impress. The chick is there to do what she’s there to do. She just wants to fuck. So, don’t snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Just enjoy the moment and take care of business.

Be Obvious That You Want a Romantic Relationship

Just as some guys are scared of commitment and romance, there are also many women who freak out when they smell that a guy is thinking of getting serious with them. Don’t be obvious that you want a deeper relationship with this woman. Just take care of business. Please her. Make sure that you make her come at least twice. And then you should talk about maybe becoming better friends.

Take baby steps. Don’t just go straight to, "Hey, I want you to be my girlfriend." Guess what. That’s just going to drive her away and you probably would never hear from her ever again. So, focus on what you’re there to do, enjoy yourself, have a good time, and then play it safe.

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Posted By Rhino on 01/27/14 - Bookmark Babe Sites

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With cell phones connecting new people to the internet all of the time the amount of new profiles added each day is staggering. You won’t believe how many women there are with sexting photos in their profile.

A lot of people talk a lot of crap about the Kim Kardashians and the Lindsay Lohans of the world, but I love what they are doing. By acting like total sluts they are getting regular women to believe that being a slut is the fun thing to do. Viva la smuttiness!

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